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What is SingPost?

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Singapore Post(SingPost) is one of the oldest Singapore postal service providers. For 160 years, it’s been delivering reliable and secure services to any businesses and apartments in Singapore.

Now, the company is leading in providing eCommerce logistics solutions, align with offering logistics services not only for Singapore but worldwide as well. The SingPost global network covers more than 19 markets.

Having a widespread communication network, the company takes leading end-to-end mail solutions.

The suite of SingPost eCommerce logistics solutions includes front end web management, warehousing and fulfillment, last-mile delivery, and international freight forwarding.

SingPost Payment solutions

  • Convenient Access through Multi-Channel.

SingPost SAM kiosks are located around the whole of Singapore to bring services closer to customers. With SAM web and mobile, it is even more convenient for merchants to receive payments from customers anytime and anywhere.

  • Multiple Modes of Payment.

Encourage prompt payments by extending your support for multiple modes of payment without the burden of high integration costs. It enables your customers to enjoy the convenience of making payments using their preferred way, which best suits their lifestyle or gives them the best perks.

  • Streamlined Workflows and Processes.

With unified payment and settlement processes, customized reports across multi-channels, and multiple modes of payment, you can look forward to streamlining your workflows and internal processes.

  • Reduced Operational Overheads.

Leverage on our tried and proven integrated solution to facilitate your bill payment collection without the hassle of managing complex in-house processes and security audits.

  • Credit card payments.
  • Government structures. With SingPost, you can quickly pay government bills and fines.
  • Insurance payments.
  • Offers mobile bills payments.
  • To make airline & transport payments.
  • SingPost also allows you to pay for healthcare bills.
  • Loans.
  • Payments for education, etc.

What are the benefits of using SingPost?

  • Convenience.

SingPost offers its customers more than 350 payment offline points, and for merchants, it would be an excellent opportunity to gain more client’s loyalty.

  • Simplicity.

You can provide a single integration solution for your customers. Multiple supplier management and systems are virtually excluded.

  • Cost-Effectiveness.

Using this system, you can significantly simplify financial transactions and reduce the costs that arise when collecting payments from various partners.

  • Reliability.

Payment terminals owned by SingPost provide a high degree of protection and quality. Besides, the entire staff of the company is highly qualified specialists.

  • Security.

Merchant can track transactions form a personal account. All payment data is wholly encrypted and secured.

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