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What is Nigeria Verve?

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Nigeria Verve is a pan-African chip + PIN payment card. The Nigeria Verve company provides issuers, cardholders, and organizations with payment card products and solutions. Nigeria Verve is the first chip card accepted across all payment channels in Nigeria. From paying bills to offline shopping to e-commerce, the card is the most popular payment method among Nigerians. Thus, those merchants targeting Nigeria can’t miss Nigeria Verve. Offering the latter as a payment method can boost conversion and increase one’s chances for success. 

Nigeria Verve core benefits

Let’s take a look at the main advantages of Nigeria Verve:

  • Nigeria Verve encounters 19 million cards on its network;
  • The company includes 100 600 Point of Sale terminals, 11 000 ATMs and over 1000 online merchants;
  •  NigeriaVerve provides additional benefits, including loyalty and rewards at a specific merchant;
  • Nigeria Verve is issued as a debit, prepaid, and payment card.
  • Nigeria Verve offers biometric features, including fingerprint, face, and voice recognition, that are meant to strengthen security. 

Nigeria Verve highlights

Here are the main highlights of Nigeria Verve:

  • Nigeria Verve cards are supported by multiple channels, such as POS and Web terminals, ATMs;
  • Nigeria Verve cards are only available for Nigeria domestic websites. You can’t use it for global payments;
  • Holders of Nigeria Verve cards benefit from value-added services, such as funds transfer, shopping, bill payments, and airtime recharge;
  • Banks might provide additional discounts and offers to consumers that use Nigeria Verve card to pay;
  • Funds are protected from making any foreign payment;
  • Nigeria Verve is cheaper to get if comparing to other cards.

Merchants who offer Nigeria Verve as a payment method can benefit from reaching out to a large part of the Nigerian population. 

Difference between Verve card and Mastercard

When opening a bank account, one can choose a debit. In Nigeria, there are three debit cards available. These are the Verve card, Mastercard, and Visa card. Sometimes issuers don’t know the differences, which are usually crucial. In total, the Verve card and Mastercard have similar functions. The main difference is that Mastercard can be used for international transactions and purchases, while Verve card can be used in Nigeria only. The same distinction can be tracked between Visa and Nigeria Verve. 

Use of Verve Nigeria for betting transfers

As for today, there are 20 million Verve users in Nigeria. The figures are increasing quickly with particular growth in betting and online casino niches. That became possible thanks to the rapid growth of the betting industry in Nigeria. 

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