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Nowadays businesses want their websites to look modern, user-friendly, and fresh. That’s why the demand for website developers is very high. Professionals in this industry often need a suitable merchant account that will safely accept different payments. A website development merchant account has certain peculiarities.

Website development payment gateway

Website development payment gateways allow people to get payments from customers regardless of their location or payment preference. Using our gateway, you’ll get:

  • Security

It’s a safe way to accept money from others without threats like cyber-attacks. A website development merchant account processes every transaction securely without any third-party interference.

  • Numerous payment options

We offer over 100 payment solutions from debit and credit cards like Visa, MasterCard to various e-wallets. You can find the full list of supported payment solutions at

  • Payment processing 24/7

Unlike bank wire transfers, this processor can deal with transactions at any time. A website developer can sell his services or products anytime and get paid equally fast in the middle of the day or night.

  • Cross-platform support

It’s possible to link a website development merchant account to other platforms like Shopify. The support of various payment systems and platforms make it easy and convenient.

  • 100+ currencies

One of the biggest advantages of getting a website development merchant account is the possibility to work with clients from all across the globe. The payment processor can accept over 100 currencies and convert them into the needed one for payouts.

Website development payment processing

It’s a secure platform that performs as an intermediate between the developer and his clients. Every transaction is verified and approved (or declined in case the fraud is detected) to help business owners conduct their businesses online. We offer plenty of payment processors to maintain secure and simple financial transactions. It’s a wonderful possibility to stay worry-free and get easy payouts.

Why choose Ikajo services?

  • Fraud prevention tool;
  • Chargeback protection features;
  • Free recurring billing;
  • Over 100 payment options;
  • 100+ currencies;
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • Over 60 banks relationship;
  • Mobile banking.

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