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Nowadays, to develop, improve, and offer products and services, focusing on meeting the needs and requirements of customers and consumers, it is essential to anticipate demand by permanently exploring consumer’s behavior.

International marketing includes many aspects of both organizational management and advertising performance. Global business performance is one of the most apparent benefits of globalization.

Payment provider for marketing business

For each digital company, it is obliged to cooperate with payment service providers. The organization of such kind provides customers and banks with the opportunity to make online transfers of funds using various methods, including debit and credit cards, e-wallets, cash payments, virtual banking. Typically, a payment service provider has a technological connection with a significant number of banks, billing systems of goods and services providers, card systems, and other payment networks. In a word, a payment service provider is a hardware and software system that allows you to collaborate with various banks and transfer funds securely directly through the globe.

Provide payments instantly

Payment providing company Ikajo provides merchants with everything they need to send and receive payments worldwide in a few minutes. With our international offices, you can always get the necessary advice on payment services that are specifically tailored to your needs.

Merchant account – important component on your marketing business

Quite often, people who open a bank account come across the concept of a merchant account but do not quite understand what a merchant is. A merchant account is a type of bank account used to make payments on credit or debit plastic cards on the Internet. It is a so-called e-commerce. A merchant account purpose is to transfer funds to a specific bank account of a merchant.

With a growing risk of chargebacks, banks strictly monitor entrepreneurs who want to open a merchant account, regulating their flow under certain conditions. The Ikajo team has more than ten years of experience in launching international Internet projects of various directions, and we know in depth what the merchant is its features and benefits for our customers.

Integration process

Our company offers a fast & easy integration process with options tailored to all merchant’s demands:

  • API

It is a set of integration rules and protocols within our payment gateway. Card information is captured on the merchant’s payment page.

  • Hosted Payment Page (HPP)

One of the most comfortable forms of providing payments. Our company has all the necessary tools to visualize your business brand by customization of the payment page.

  • Virtual Terminal (VT)

A virtual terminal is a solution, with the help of which a merchant takes orders from the customer by cell phone or email, enters the buyer’s credit card information in a particular form and makes the payment. Using the Virtual Terminal, you can perform operations with cards without the presence of a client, and when the card is not present.

  • Plugins to CMS

Payment plugins are designed to organize the payment process on the site. The payment option is provided in the form of a page, the content of which allows the buyer to perform the actions necessary to make the payment, for example, fill out a form on a special page of a site or go to the payment system website.

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