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Credit history is data that contains all the information about the client, which is accumulating for years. It also can be determined as a reputation of a client on a loan market, where the following information would be able to monitor:

  • what were the credit conditions;
  • Were there any past dues and what were they related to;
  • have any advanced payments taken place?
  • Any additional information about loan liabilities.

Why does credit history is so crucial for merchants?

Positive credit history plays an essential role for merchants when deciding to loan.  It is a fast, quality, and easy access to credit resources for further company development.

Credit history has a significant impact if you have your own business. It is easy to spoil it. Moreover, frequently, a person does not even know that he has committed actions that have worsened their financial reputation.

What can a bad credit history lead to?

Various factors cause a bad credit history for a business owner, such as evasion of obligations, late repayment, incomplete information about the financial condition of the loaner. Needless to say, that bad credit history can block merchants from providing transactions.

What are the functions of the credit repair companies?

If you think that credit repair companies provide a “magic,” well, they won’t. They do all the stages an average person can.

  • Monitor your credit history.
  • Request in a credit bureau your credit information.
  • Check credit history via the Internet is possible using specialized sites that provide such information.
  • Indicate negative aspects in your credit story and appeal it, if possible.
  • Provide negotiations with lenders.
  • Determine how many opened liabilities currently exist. If a debt is present, you can use the refinancing program. In this case, several loans from different banks are repaid at the expense of one. It remains for the client to remember one date, which must be observed, and not several as it was when there were debts in several financial institutions.
  • Pass ready-made programs to quickly improve credit history from different banks or use other tools.

What are the confrontations between acquiring banks and credit repair merchants?

High-risk companies always tend to cause trouble. Acquiring banks try to avoid such institutions, especially credit repair ones.

Credit repair merchants provide clients’ funds who want to repair their credits.

Payment providing for high-risk merchants with the credit repair industry has become more difficult due to banks’ restriction policy.

In any region, providing high-risk payments leads to some difficulties. One of the crucial impediment to the work of processing high-risk payment gateways is the problem of dealing with complaints received by the bank from customers. However, the turnover in this area is so tremendous that serving the interests of these companies have turned into the whole banking industry.

Why Ikajo?

Ikajo is an international financial institution that provides payments across almost all business verticals for more than 15 years. If you are a credit repair merchant and looking for a reliable payment provider, our team of professionals provides you with all the essential information and leads you through the whole process of onboarding.

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