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Merchants who sell their apps often need a dedicated merchant account. It’s a wonderful opportunity to work with companies and customers from all across the globe. The main goal of such an account is to safely accept payments.

Application development payment gateway

The advantage of getting an application development merchant account is the possibility to accept a wide selection of payments. In addition to transactions made via Visa or MasterCard, customers will be able to use e-wallets and other solutions.

What’s more, the payment gateway will convert the money into the needed currency for convenient payouts. Users of our services will get an application development merchant account with the following benefits:

  • Security

Such a payment processor makes all the transactions safe for both parties. Encryption and other security measures shield financial operations from hackers and various cyber-attacks.

  • A wide selection of payment options

We offer 100+ payment possibilities. The list includes debit and credit cards as well as alternative solutions. Get the full list of supported payment solutions at

  • A wide selection of currencies

Just like with payment options, users can use over 100 currencies to pay for the services. It’s the biggest advantage of choosing our services. The payment processor with convert the currencies based on your needs and preferences.

  • 24/7 payments

Using this merchant account, you’ll be able to accept payments any time day or night. Unlike bank wire transfers, this payment gateway works non-stop to help you operate faster and get paid sooner.

  • Cross-platform support

A user can always connect his application development merchant account to various platforms including the widespread Shopify. This benefit adds convenience and simplicity to the services.

  • Application development payment processing

This is a safe platform that operates as an intermediate between the merchant and his clients. Each transaction is secured by numerous security measures. It’s verified and approved to help business thrive and avoid scams, fraud, etc. This solution makes it easier to move one’s business online and work with people from different regions. A selection of payment options and currencies leave the merchant worry-free. What’s more, simple and convenient payouts add to this long list of benefits.

Why pick Ikajo services?

First of all, our clients get fraud prevention tools with a merchant account. Other features include chargeback prevention, recurring billing, and mobile banking. What’s more, you can always rely on 24/7 customer support.

We work with over 60 banks to let you accept over 100 currencies. Over 100 payment options are sure to help your business expand, too.

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