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Visa Risk Manager

Visa risk manager (VRM) is a web-portal powered by VisaNet. It provides a complete set of fraud and risk management tools that can be accessed through Visa Online. The service is available 24 hours a day/7days a week.

The Visa Risk Manager is designed to allow issuers to optimize fraud loss prevention. The tools of VRM also maximize profitability by giving clients a transaction risk management decisioning system. The Visa Risk Manager is a high-end technology that analyzes the entire lifestyle of a transaction. It defines the parameters used to mark a transaction for review to set rules to decline potentially fraudulent transactions. Visa Risk Manager enables intelligent decisioning throughout the entire transaction lifecycle.

Thanks to a web portal, issuers can manage rules to prohibit high-risk purchases/wallet provisioning requests. It also allows to flag and prioritizes suspicious purchases that require further investigation to determine if the cardholder made the purchase. While using the services of VRM APIs, issuers can automate communication between their back-office systems and Visa Risk Manager.

To better understand how the Visa risk manager works, issuers need to familiarize themselves with the following:

  1. Visa Risk Manager Features & Functionality
  2. Rule Manager
  3. Case Manager
  4. Account management
  5. Report generation
  6. Compromise Account Management System (CAMS) Dashboard
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