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Virtual Card

Virtual Card is a card outlined only for a purpose of paying for purchases via the Internet connection. This special type of card-operated in ATMs as well as in trade and service network. The card is normally an additional one for those who already have a card. The time is limited and the number of purchases is restricted for this method of payment acknowledging the fact that the electronic stripe, chip and an autograph of the owner are missing.

It has no PIN so the number of the card, expiration date, and a 3-digit cipher are used to access the following system.

Usually, they exist in two main payment systems Visa and MasterCard and the plastic card can be present or absent. The fundamental advantage of this card is the power to pay for goods in online stores around the globe. So there are no limits on what part of the world the person wants to buy something. The next benefit is that the card can be released without the presence of the future user in the bank, it can be done through the Internet, ATM along with cellular mobile services. Moreover, it is beyond the bounds of possibility to be a victim of a money theft due to the limited balance (the exact sum of funds for a single purchase).

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