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Verified by Visa Inc.

What is Verified by Visa Inc?

Verified by Visa Inc (also known as VbV). is a program designed to strengthen the safety of online transactions for both merchants and clients. This supplementary verification process guarantees the security of the transactions which were successfully held by a cardholder. This enables certain financial institutions to conduct some additional actions in order to make sure that the cardholder’s personal information wasn’t jeopardized. This extra security was created to guarantee that the clients are protected from fraud. All the Visa cardholders are automatically enrolled with Verified by Visa. 

How verified by Visa works?

The security checks are conducted before the holder authorizes the payment. The bank makes all possible to provide clients with high protection on the Internet so the clients won’t experience the cases of funds theft.

The bank is able to double-check the holder of the card by asking for a password. This step prevents fraudulent transfers and guarantees the safety of transfers for both parties. With verified by Visa, a customer gets an extra layer of security while shopping online. 

Here are some examples of how verified by Visa works:

Emily’s purchase wasn’t verified by Visa Incorporation because the user entered the wrong password. His repayments weren’t verified by Visa Inc.

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