What is Shopping Cart? - Ikajo Glossary


Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart is a term that serves in e-commerce software on the website, usually linked with commodities, and services. It permits guests of the web page to choose items for possible purchases. It is created for the convenience of visitors, so they can put goods they need to the shopping cart. By clicking the button “add to the cart”, the customer places the goods into a special place, and afterwards the customer can order the things which are already in the cart.

It is a step which is situated between shopping and buying the items, so it is very valuable both for the website, and for the customer, of course. It is a place for storing the data about the items which the client wants to order. The customer can handle the items (add or delete some products as well as change the quantity or the characteristic of the product) with the help of it

On the web page, it is usually presented as an icon, and the visitor needs to click on it if he/she is eager to store the marked goods for the purchase. If you have an intention to purchase something, you need to save it to the cart. Furthermore, the shopping cart displays the cost of the item, and taxes, if applicable.

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