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Chargeback Reason Code

A reason code or a chargeback reason code is a string of symbols (numbers and letters). These symbols stand for reasons why a financial institution may file a credit card chargeback from their client’s name. During this process, the representative of the institution examines the reasons’ list. Then it chooses the most applicable code for a particular situation.

The reason code marks particular reasons by numbers. Its main function is to outline the reason for the dispute around the transaction. Nevertheless, this series of actions can provoke a misunderstanding at the trader’s level, where there is no access to the RC assigning process.

All in all, chargeback codes identify frauds, authorization failures, and an incorrect amount of funds. Also, they identify processing errors and consumer disputes.

In addition, each type of reason code has many subtypes. Different sets of numbers indicate these subtypes.  

Why do we need chargeback reason codes?

Undoubtedly, we need to know the chargeback codes to win the chargeback. Each chargeback is associated with a particular reason and knowing it is essential to organize required documents and resolve the dispute in your favor.

However, the American Express codes are different from Visa chargeback codes. And the same applies to Mastercard chargeback declined codes and Discover dispute numbers. So, here is a list of all the Mastercard, Visa, AmEx, and Discover codes.

Discover the chargeback reason codes for different card brands

Mastercard chargeback reason codes

Reason code Explanation
4812 Account Number Not on File
4807 Warning Bulletin File
4834 Point-of-interaction Error
4846 Correct Transaction Currency Code Not Provided
4999 Domestic Chargeback (works in EU only)
4853 Cardholder Dispute
4850 Installment Billing Dispute
4842 Late Presentment
4808 Chargeback Related to Authorization
4837 No Cardholder Authorization
4841 Canceled Recurring or Digital Product Transaction
4860 Credit Not Processed
4855 Goods or Services Not Provided
4849 Suspicious Merchant Activity
4863 Cardholder Does Not Recognize—Potential Fraud
4859 Addendum, No-show, or ATM Dispute
4840 Fraudulent Processing of Transactions


Discover chargeback reason codes

Reason code Explanation
AP Recurring Payments
AT Authorization Noncompliance
AA Does Not Recognize
IN Invalid Card Number
UA01 Fraud Card Present Transaction
UA06 Fraud Chip and PIN Transaction
UA02 Fraud Card Not Present
UA05 Fraud Chip Counterfeit Transaction
AW Altered Amount
LP Late Presentation
PM Paid by Other Means
DP Duplicate Processing
RM Cardholder Disputes Quality of Goods or Services
CD Credit/Debit Posted Incorrectly
NF Non-Receipt of Cash from ATM
RG Non-Receipt of Goods, Services, or Cash

American Express chargeback reason codes

Reason code Explanation
F31 EMV Lost/Stolen/Non-Received
A02 No Valid Authorization
F14 Missing Signature
C04 Goods/Services Returned or Refused
C28 Canceled Recurring Billing
C05 Goods/Services Canceled
F10 Missing Imprint
F30 EMV Counterfeit
F24 No Card Member Authorization
A08 Authorization Approval Expired
C02 Credit Not Processed
C14 Paid by Other Means
A01 Charge Amount Exceeds Authorization Amount
F29 Card Not Present
C08 Goods/Services Not Received or Only Partially Received
C31 Goods/Services Not As Described
C18 “No Show” or CARDeposit Canceled
M49 Vehicle Rental – Theft or Loss of Use
C32 Goods/Services Damaged or Defective

Visa chargeback reason codes

Reason code Explanation
10.1 EMV Liability Shift Counterfeit Fraud
10.2 EMV Liability Shift Non-Counterfeit Fraud
10.3 Fraud – Card-Present Environment
10.4 Fraud – Card-Absent Environment
10.5 Visa Fraud Monitoring Program
11.1 Card Recovery Bulletin or Exception File
11.2 Declined Authorization
11.3 No Authorization
12.1 Late Presentment
12.2 Incorrect Transaction Code
12.3 Incorrect Currency
12.4 Incorrect Account Number
12.5 Incorrect Amount
12.6 Duplicate Processing/ Paid By Other Means
12.7 Invalid Data
13.1 Merchandise/ Services Not Received
13.2 Cancelled Recurring
13.3 Not as Described or Defective Merchandise/ Services
13.4 Counterfeit Merchandise
13.5 Misrepresentation
13.6 Credit Not Processed
13.7 Canceled Merchandise/ Services
13.8 Original Credit Transaction Not Accepted
13.9 Non-Receipt of Cash or Load Transaction Value


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