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PIN Pad is an electronic tool conducting debit, credit or smartcard-based transactions and encrypting the identification code of the holder. The main goal of the pads is to read the credit or debit cards. Another feature is permitting the client to enter the code safely and encrypting it before sending it to the bank. The device allows PIN debit transactions that are handled by PIN networks.

What is a PIN pad?

PIN pads usually compliment point of sale devices or payment terminals. The PIN entry device reads the credit or debit card and securely sends the PIN to the bank. In the case of a chip card, the PIN pad verifies the card by the chip.

The pads contain hardware and software safety elements to guarantee that the passwords along with the encryption keys are removed for the case that someone attempts to tamper this electronic device. The identification cipher is encoded at once during the entry and an encrypted PIN block is set up. As soon as the PIN pad sends the encrypted PIN to the connected payment terminal and the latter receives it, the PIN block disappears.

Such electronic devices should have certification and meet the principles required by the payment card industry. That guarantees they present sufficient security during the procedure of PIN entry along with PIN encryption. ISO 9564 standardizes the PIN pad’s security and management. Frequently, such devices permit the entry of numbers but some of them also have letters assigned to the numerals.

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