What is Personal Identification Number (PIN)? - Ikajo Glossary


Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Personal Identification Number is a 4-digit code, a combination of numbers which helps the client to have access to the credit card. This number is created to provide secure checkup of the holder’s identity. The cardholder should always remember and keep the PIN in a secret in order to escape the potential threats during the card loss or hackers’ attacks. Since this identification number secures sensitive data, it is appropriate to use the complicated numeric combination. This information enables the customer to withdraw cash from ATM as well as to conduct some transactions/payments as well.

The code includes numbers only, it has no letters or symbols. It works as an authorization tool for different kinds of systems, among them computer networks, and credit/debit cards, along with phones.

The holder of the card should know the code in order to have the opportunity to cash out money available on the account as well as to check the balance of the card and to change the PIN if needed. Usually, this number is also necessary on the final procedure in a payment allowing a seller to process a card for payment. The holder has a certain number of authentication attempts which are limited. If the person enters a wrong password more than the allowed amount of attempts, the card may be confiscated.

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