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Payment Processing Errors List

A certain percentage of all financial operations always fails. There are many reasons why. If you are an attentive person, you might have already noticed that failed transactions may come with a code, pointing to a particular error. Others don’t have it and simply state the problem. It mainly depends on the payment provider. Keep in mind that the codes might differ, so check the code with your payment provider. Let’s find out more about typical payment errors and their reasons.

Main reasons why your transaction fails:

  • Invalid credit card number;
  • Invalid address;
  • Processor declined;
  • Expired card;
  • Fraud filter bans the action;
  • Card reported lost/stolen;
  • Insufficient funds;
  • The payment instrument is not supported.

The most widespread errors users often face

Let’s take a look at the most frequent errors one can come across when making financial transactions online. Keep in mind, that the notifications can also have codes, but they differ based on the service provider. We’ll also discuss the reasons as well as some possible solutions for every error message you can see.  

Error: A payment processing bug, your order doesn’t exist

Your financial operation has been dismissed. You may try another card or contact your credit card provider for assistance.     

It’s a crucial notification from the financial institution that has issued the credit card. The error means the bank has rejected your financial operation. That’s a kind of generic rejection. You can receive several rejection messages varying in the form but sharing one meaning. Unfortunately, financial institutions are reluctant to reveal to their clients why they reject the transaction. Only cardholders are aware of the true reason. So, as a consumer, you are bound to reach out to the financial institution to figure out why your financial operation has failed. You need to make sure that the bank supports the chosen transaction method. If it’s true, you may make several attempts to complete your transaction.      

Error: The wrong transaction type

Well, here you are trying to conduct the unauthorized financial operation. You may try once again using another payment option after you create a new order. If you come across this error again, you should reach out to the support team. 

Error: A non-existing credit cardholder or buyer

The notification means the system failed to find a buyer’s ID. In this case, try once again using a vaulted ID or credit card holder’s information.    

Error: You don’t have enough money

The given glitch points out that you don’t have enough money in your account to have this particular financial operation completed. 

Error: A payment processing bug

We can define it as a general bank rejection. You simply need to check your credit card details and make another attempt. In case the following attempt fails as well, it’s better to reach out to your bank for consultation. 

Error: Your card doesn’t apply due to the availability of chargebacks there

In case the website doesn’t work with chargebacks, you may fail to finish the payment. You can contact the store directly before the payment to learn more about a future transaction. 

Error: The wrong bank routing number

It occurs when dealing with e-check operations. Perhaps, you have specified the wrong routing number. 

Error: A payment processing bug hampered your order creation

Your transaction is rejected. In this case, you should try another card or contact your credit card provider for advice.     

It’s a bank rejection. You have to reach out to your CC provider to figure out why your payment has been rejected. After this, you need to make your transaction once again. Besides this, you may also come across such codes as 501 as well as 322. In general, they are the same – you must get in touch with the bank manager to learn the reason for the rejection.

Error: General payment glitch

Well, the bug indicates a general payment bug. In this case, you need to try once again. 

Error: A payment processing glitch

If you come across this bug, it means that your credit card is marked by the system as stolen or lost. As a result, it has been already removed from the database. Reach out to your bank manager to provide a new payment method.

Error: A payment transaction failure

The financial institution doesn’t permit this particular transaction due to some restrictions imposed by this financial institution. You may try making this operation with another credit card. Alternatively, you can reach out to your bank manager to make things clear.  

Error: A non-existing account

The system finds your account non-existing. It makes sense to reach out to your bank manager to make things clear.  

Error: Your card has expired

You have just failed to conduct a financial operation because of your expired credit card. When you see such a notification, retry with a different payment method. Alternatively, you can have your transaction declined.   

Error: Restricted credit card

This bug showed up because of your restricted credit card. You shouldn’t retry.  

Error: Your payment method doesn’t work 

In this situation, your payment method is responsible for this bug. You shouldn’t try again. 

Error: The buyer hasn’t been discovered

Your buyer ID is missing. Correct the ID code and make another attempt. 

Error: The order failed due to incorrect payment details 

In this case, your account number is valid but it fails to correspond to your ID in the entry. Another thing causing this bug is a situation when your account number shows that your account isn’t open.  

Error: The bank account is closed

The buyer’s attempt to verify a transaction from a closed account causes this error. If you close your account and then try to pay from it, you’ll get this error message and fail to make the planned financial operation.    

Error: Your authorization is no longer valid 

You have failed to complete a transaction because of the expired authorization. It makes no sense to retry.

Error: Order creation bug

Such a glitch may occur when you try to conduct credit or e-check transactions. It feels like you have specified the wrong information. You need to provide the right number of letters or digits for your name or phone number. It also applies to other personal details.  

Error: Insufficient or wrong payment information 

You have failed to make your transactions due to insufficient or wrong payment details provided.  

Error: The wrong card number

You have entered the incorrect card number. In this case, one needs to make sure this kind of transaction is possible. You’d better use Amex, MasterCard, and Visa. Make another attempt with the right card type.    

The bottom line

Despite all these errors, a user may be proactive and prevent the occurrence of the most issues. The simplest solution is to be attentive. Make sure you’ve got enough money on your account, the card is active, and the website can accept the payment. When verifying the action, a user should also double-check all the details like a card number, address, etc. This way, you are sure to eliminate most issues. Other solutions include better fraud filters, a review of the transaction limits, etc. 

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