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Payment Page

What is a payment page?

The payment page is a web page that allows customers to purchase items easily and securely. After adding the items to the shopping basket, the user must be redirected to the payment page and select the payment method as well as to insert the data which is necessary for the successful operation. This procedure is commonly done on the website from which the consumer orders items/services.

The payment pages involve the data about the holder of the account i. e. first and last name, email along with phone number, and card number along with the expiration period. Such a page is the most substantial step while the customer makes an order because after filling in this information the client agrees and confirms it. The money will be withdrawn from the holder’s card after the system will process the data.

Types of payment pages:

There are two types of payment pages:

  • HPP. That is when a customer is redirected to an external link so to accomplish the payment.
  • API. That is when a customer pays for services and products inside the website.

Some examples:

In order to continue to process the order, you should fill in the payment page.

John commonly uses hosted payment pages for his business because he thinks that it has more advantages.

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