What is Payment Page ”Checkout”? - Ikajo Glossary


Payment Page ”Checkout”

Payment Page is a term which is widely applied in e-commerce and is connected with different e-commerce web pages. Such pages are provided to the consumer at the same time when the checkout procedure takes place. There are two kinds of payment pages: one-page checkout as well as multipage checkout. Those pages are frequently used by consumers to conduct a payment or to make a deposit. In order to do it, the client must insert all the necessary information online to an existing web payment page. The data which must be inserted include name, email, phone number, and country, the type of payment and payment system and other.

This kind of web page secures the holder’s transactions and regulates the hazards which can compromise the client. The person can manage this page in order to know the features of the payment: the date of creation, status, the sum of money along with some complications of the payment. This web page consists of different sections which the consumer is obliged to fill in.

Some examples of the term:

The holder of the online store asked some professionals to create a brand-new checkout page for the store.

You should carefully read the information below in order to fill in the checkout page without any mistakes.

Thank You For Order
Thank you!

Thanks for filling that out. We really appreciate you giving us a moment of your time today. Your ticket on its way to your email.