The term means to deposit funds to the bank account. This definition also relates to the stock market because everything that appears in the stock market is called pay-in. It is widely used in order to define the act of balancing the cash drawer when the client needs to increase the sum of money on his/her account in the financial institution.

It is a stage of payment on which the representative of the cardholder’s bank has already obtained the exact amount of money for some goods or services which was negotiated before. If the client is eager to pay-in (to put cash or checks to his/her account in the financial establishment), the client must fill out the form with his/her account’s number, date along with the details of the deposit.

Some examples of the term’s usage:

My father is going to the bank as he wants to pay-in a check.

Considering the fact that she is still paying in the cash, I don’t actually care about her occupation.