What is Omnichannel? Definition and Meaning - Ikajo Glossary



Omnichannel defines the content strategy which companies apply in order to better the user experience. It signifies that there is a combination of distribution, and promotion along with communication channels on the back end.

It is based on multiple approaches created to promote as well as present goods in various locations such as websites and mobile apps or stores and to give customers the opportunity to reach out with issues or concerns with the help of a smartphone, email, web chat or social media as well. This system supports the business by allowing cooperating with companies in the most suitable way and place.

The structure has applications in any sector, but the first models have been noticed in financial organizations, healthcare, governmental institutions, retail, and others. The most important advantage of this system is the power for the client to be engaged with the organization via various channels at the same interval of time.

An example of omnichannel payment model:

A client who walks into a clothing store. The shopping assistant offers a consultation. Thanks to face-recognition technology, she already knows that the client has been in the store before. Moreover, she offers personal recommendations on a hand-held device. All the new suggestions are based on the client’s preceding transactions.

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