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Mobile Card Reader

Mobile Card Reader (MCR) is a small tool that can be linked to the phone or the tablet in order to obtain the payment from the holder’s credit card. The device can perform different operations making the card swipe, chip card as well as contactless payment transactions possible. Such readers actually simplify and speed up the payment procedure.

Together with the mobile app, a mobile card reader provides the features of the point-of-sale terminal. So, MCR can provide receipts, specific calculations, invoices, and so on.

Frequently, such tools function without any charge or fee is not very high, nevertheless, visitors must pay a small amount of money for every transaction. The majority of MCRs are suitable for the iOS, and Android operating systems. And users can make payments with the help of the m-Reader anywhere, the main obligatory thing is Internet access.

MCR is a device which can significantly simplify the retailer’s work. It enables card payments to be fast, secure as well as successfully handled in any place. In addition, personal data from the card is encrypted during the act of processing.

  • Some examples of the term’s usage:
  • He usually uses an MCR in order to pay for the goods, because it is faster and more convenient.
  • She bought a mobile card reader for business purposes.
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