Merchant Risk Support (MRS)

MRS is created in order to provide merchants with support in the case of the emergency which can appear during the issues which threaten the merchant’s business. The support guarantees the exceptional services for every company and partner in order to minimize the risks which the client’s business is experiencing as well as to maximize its productivity.

MRS cooperates with partners from financial organizations and ensures that the merchant has the accurate data to hand at the time the merchant needs it.  If the client has some inquiries on chargebacks, integration, technical demands, or anything that helps disprove the payments, the merchant will be assisted by the support manager in order to deal with the problems which appeared.

The support is aimed at managing risks of the merchant in a way which allows both the risk-bearing entity and the vendor to continue functioning within acceptable risk borders. In addition, it guarantees the assistance regarding fraud and risk that is why the vendors are totally aware of the principles of the card schemes and banks. The MRS also helps to mitigate the dangers of online trade.

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