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MasterCard® SecureCode™

MasterCard SecureCode is a personal cipher for the customer’s account which is designed in order to provide customers with additional security for the shopping online. The code is accessible for the client and his/her financial organization only so the trader doesn’t have the authority to see it. The client can activate and use the code anytime. The traders from various places support the Secure Code.

This advanced technology helps the customers to make sure that the purchases were made by them. If the activity is suspicious, the user can be asked to pass through the authorization in order to prevent fraud. This service presents a way to PIN-protect the client’s card usage via the computer network.

The system ensures the client’s privacy along with security. Another people can’t get access to the client’s personal data as long as it is transferred using a high standard of encryption. The code is presented in the form of a one-time PIN and is forwarded to the client via message. The OTP is automatically made by the issuing bank of the customer and is needed every time the client wants to make an online transaction. When the customer inserts a unique code, he/she proves that he/she is the actual holder of the card, only in that case the purchasing process will be successful.

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