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Manager Module

What is a manager module?

Manager Module is a system that boosts the productivity of incoming and outgoing transactions’ activity. The manager also assists in conducting payments across the border along with regulatory fees and statutes. In addition, it enables restricting and filtering, as well as controlling the payment approaches according to certain principles. This system is a powerful tool to control all-things payments.

The system also helps the customer to conceal or to display an appropriate payment approach. Customers perform this action in the checkout step according to the criteria set in the module settings. The customer has the power to limit or filter the approaches of payment. The payment approaches should comply with the following requirements: store, order total, manufacturer, or category of the product, and others.

The module involves activities created to manage accepted kinds of payment services, the most prevailing are credit card payments. The manager module manages all records of payment transactions. Besides, the manager module allows maintaining sales details. That lets the cardholders have the authority to access and review all the necessary data about the transactions.

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