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Integration support

What is integration support?

Modern enterprises use a large number of information systems for monitoring various indicators of the business processes. So, the integration support feature is on the list. This means that the more systems are involved, the more the integration question of all systems with each other is raised. That question includes integration for centralized data storage and transfer of information from one system to another. The main aim of the integration support work is maintaining the site’s performance, at the information and technical levels. The support must be performed by a professional team specializing in this area.

It is one of the main factors for the efficient development of a business process and ensuring a leading position both among customers and partners. Sharing of actual information in the correct form and answering important questions are the core points of integration support service.

Moreover, all clients want to get full information on the provided services with an explanation of all aspects of activities and work methods. That is why integration support helps to establish contact with the clients. So, information support involves the following aspects:

  •        Searching and publication of relevant materials on the subject of the site
  •        The stylization of the site under the potential consumer
  •        Definition of a targeted group of visitors
  •        Updating outdated information about products and services
  •        The professional support should be full and complex so that the organizations will always allow the clients to quickly respond to changing market conditions.

So, what does the site support include:

  •        Addition and correction of old materials
  •        News update and new solutions for online and mobile payments;
  •        Correction of site errors arising in the course of work;
  •        Modernization of the site pages (without changing the main template);
  •        Testing services and products that are specific to payment processing requirements of the clients;
  •        Monitoring the total performance of the site.

So, the integration support software helps to track team questions within a reasonable time frame, as well as record customer conversations, messages, transactions and other information that may be relevant in the future. The best help desk systems act as centralized portals for requests coming from all channels of communication, including email addresses, phone numbers, chat programs, and social networks. Some even include indicators and information that will help you evaluate the performance of clients and agents.

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