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Independent Sales Organisation (ISO)

Independent Sales Organisation (ISO) unites the interests of manufacturers, users (including customers), government and the scientific community when preparing the international standards. It has three types of membership:

full member, it has one vote, regardless of the size or development of the country’s economy;

corresponding member that receives information about the work of ISO, without the right to vote;

small economy countries which pay a small membership fee and cannot participate in the work of international standardization.

The core points of creating ISO standards:

  •        providing the government with a technical base for public health service, environmental legislation, and conformity assessment
  •        developing, supplying and manufacturing the products and services in a more efficient and safe way
  •        development of innovations
  •        giving guarantees to users regarding products and services
  •        promoting trade between countries
  •        sharing technological advances and accepted management practices
  •        providing solutions to common problems

The main responsibilities of National Committees are:

  •        Fully represent all national interests
  •        Promote ISO goals
  •        ISO support
  •        ISO implementation at the national regional level
  •        Prevent unauthorized reproduction or distribution of ISO documents and publications.

The development of all ISO standards is subject to the standard operation algorithm. As part of the standards development, there are several documents which are consistently accepted, starting from the preliminary work item and ending with approving the international standard.

ISO not only produces standards that describe products and systems but also entire quality control systems. Thanks to this, an organization in any country can bring its work in compliance with internationally accepted standards and distribute its products and services throughout the world.

So, it may be concluded that ISO International Standards ensure that products and services are safe, reliable and of high quality. For business, they are strategic tools to reduce costs by minimizing waste and error and increasing productivity. They help companies gain access to new markets, provide equal conditions for developing countries, and promote free and fair international trade.

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