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Incumbency Certificate

An incumbency certificate stands for an official document that provides the names of the company’s current directors and chief officers. A limited liability company or a corporation issues this official list. The certificate of incumbency is one of the documents merchants send to the payment processor during the account opening. Fair to say, the certificate provides information about a person’s position in the company. The main aim of the certificate is to identify the person. It’s vital because directors/officers have a legal right to make transactions on the company’s behalf.

The incumbency certificate is a company’s official document. That’s why one assumes it transparent and accurate. The corporate secretary issues the certificate. As a norm, the document has a company’s seal on it. Nevertheless. the public notary can notarize the certificate.

What is in the incumbency certificate?

Normally, the certificate provides an incumbent name, his/her position in the company, either he or she was elected/appointed, and the office’s term. In most cases, you can find a director’s/officer’s signature next to further information.

The document may start from the secretary representation (name, position in the company and its name). He/she certifies the names and signatures provided in the certificate. The certificate’s text should include the director’s/officer’s list, the creation date, and the signature of the secretary.

Please note, that in the non-US countries, the incumbency certificate might have the following names: certificate of officers, register of directors, or secretary certificate.

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