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Global Negative Lists

What are the global negative lists?

Every company operates its business activities based on certain data and creating global positive and negative lists according to the specific parameters in order to make the work process more productive and efficient. The negative lists include numerous sectors, such as financing, banking or commercial services, and involve specific management interventions.

The negative list composes the description of the specific sectors in which there are certain restrictions and limits.

Negative lists serve as an additional security means for merchants. Like the financial security department in the bank uses special checkpoints to monitor specific transactions and clients, merchants can compose their own lists.

Of course, the payment service provider will have its negative lists as well. They may include IP addresses, GEO locations, mail, and email addresses. This lowers potential fraudulent activity. Taking into account GEO restrictions, you eliminate payment processing problems and declines from banks. As fraudsters may repetitively use the same email addresses, the payment processor saves merchants from the illegal actions.

You. as a merchant, are free to create your list. After this, it is possible to hand it to the payment provider to add it to their list.

Also, to enlarge the protection level, we advise merchants to add the following features:

  • Require to type the CVV code,
  • Set up a filter of a card issuing country,
  • Make an address verification filter.
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