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Geo-location Module

What is a GEO-location module?

The GEO-location module allows the geocoding place of activity starting from an address and adjusting the map marker. The obtained address is saved according to several parameters, such as latitude and longitude.

Configuring the geolocation module (your city) is necessary in cases when you need to automatically determine the location of the user of your site. This is typically for online stores, corporate sites, and various Internet services.

The principle of the module is to automatically determine the IP-address of the visitor and the settlement (based on this information). When a user visits your site in a browser, a pop-up window appears (in which his location, country or city, is indicated) which can be confirmed in one click or changed by the user.

Depending on the settings, such a module can define:

  • Country;
  • Region,
  • City.

Typical functions of this module are the following points:

  • Identification of a region by IP address and memorization per session and cookie;
  • Information output depending on location, including language change;
  • Currency change;
  • Automatic insertion of certain data in the registration or order form (city, region, index);
  • Setting redirects, switching to other domain zones;
  • The content of the base of settlements of different countries

Detecting the GEO location is important in terms of fraud prevention practices. Merchants can track the usual shopping location thanks to IP and detect suspicious action, should the GEO parameter change.

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