Fraud Prevention Platform

Fraud protection systems help to prevent financial fraud that leads to losses, undermine customer credibility and weaken the potential of important business innovations.

These systems may be useful for companies which want to minimize the level of external and internal fraud, by reducing time to serve customers and increasing their loyalty, in order to avoid fines, to minimize fraud and thereby reduce financial and reputational risks.

With fraud prevention platforms, companies can add biometric data to access applications and transactions when special authentication is required to prevent fraud.

An example of the parameters that the system analyzes can be:

  •        card country and sender IP
  •        the number of payments and their amount in a certain period of time
  •        payer and recipient bank
  •        3D Secure card support or its deficiency
  •        phone, email, address, passport data
  •        any details of the purchase, such as cities and countries of flight for the purchased ticket, the fact of customer identification
  •        history of previous purchases
  •        suspicious activity

All data, including card data, is multi-level encryption using cryptographically strong algorithms that protect the personal data of payers and merchants from being accessed by third parties.

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