Dynamic 3D Secure

In general, 3D Secure is a technology elaborated by systems of international payments. It is considered as a global and safe method for effecting various payment operations through the Internet.

Such identification is ensured by entering a single-use password by the card owner, which is automatically sent by the Bank in an SMS message to the mobile phone of a holder when performing the operation.

The customer can verify the identification of a person using two methods, including:

  •        Static
  •        When choosing a static form, the cardholder has to choose a password in a certain window which usually consists of four or six characters. It will be used as a supplementary security measure when a client pays online.
  •        Dynamic

There are several rules that you should take into account when setting Dynamic 3D Secure, including:

  •        According to the merchant rules, the operations are effected only for a specific customer
  •        Systemic rules take priority over the Dynamic 3D secure regulations
  •        An AND statements should be included to the subcomponents
  •        The rules are effected one by one In case if no rule is effected, the operation supported 3D secure will use it
  •        Dynamic authentication is a one-time dynamic code that is provided by our bank by means of SMS messages to a mobile phone or email of a Client for logging on and performing operations in the Internet Bank system. The dynamic code provides additional security.

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