In fact, the process of conversion signifies a specific stage in the payment procedure. In other words, it is a period when a customer performs the enquired activity. For instance, conversion is a point when a client responses to the appeal for action by closing on a purchase, it may be also an application, registration, call, subscription to the newsletter and more. Thus, the seller represents a successful conversion in the form of a large number of transactions for the purchase of goods, and for the content provider, it is important to increase the number of user registrations on the site.

There are several methods for increasing conversion:

  •        creating a unique sales offer with a detailed description of all the benefits that a client can receive as a result of performing certain actions;
  •        site improvement;
  •        continuous updating of content on the site;
  •        working on the usability of the resource in order to minimize the barriers towards the desired level of conversion;
  •        simple navigation and usability.

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