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What is cPanel?

In a common meaning, cPanel is a software that enables server management. The definition basically speaks for itself – control panel. Depending on the service or management system, this panel may include different features. For instance, the control panel for hosting companies may include editing options for DNS records, the ability to create email accounts, etc.

The control panel in the payment industry strives for other goals. cPanel is an instrument that allows the clients to manage different banking operations that were performed on the specific platform and handle the payment transactions that are about to be completed.

In order to get to cPanel, a merchant must use his ID and a certain password provided in the email when making an agreement.

Let’s see the structure of the cPanel main page. It includes the following elements:

  • Menu navigation bar
  • Data section
  • A column of protection features, which is a point for access to the tripping function of 3D Secure
  • Complementary data unit allowing to see a specific working environment with immediate access to the materials
  • Summary of activity with forwarding references to the major tools in order to arrange a specific payment
  • Parameter unit
  • The module of the help center which contains various references of helpful sources
  • Column for transaction management opening access to another tool in order to control all the payment
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