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Why is the cashier so beneficial for high-risk businesses?

Why is the cashier so beneficial for high-risk businesses?
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    Through their work, high-risk business owners might face a variety of obstacles; from the hardship of finding the correct payment service providers to acquiring banks ready to work with their business type. It’s fair to say, that over the years more payment processors are able to cater to high-risk businesses’ needs. Yet, there are some questions that need to be solved.

    Often, these business type representatives like forex, gambling, etc. require more than two integrations. And commonly, every new integration requires additional spendings. Taking into account that these businesses are often global, they do need a variety of acquirers, payment methods, and providers to cater to their needs the best way possible.

    So, what should they do then? There is an option, you might haven’t heard before – a cashier. A cashier system acts as a buffering between the merchant and the payment processor. So, by connecting to one cashier only, you can enjoy a variety of integrations at once. Moreover, the cashier provides the features that are going to satisfy the high-risk industry expectations.

    What hardships does the high-risk business have?

    Before moving to the cashier’s features, let’s think of how you’d like to establish the payment work of your business. Of course, you want to ensure:

    • a smooth transactions’ flow,
    • absence or a minimum chargeback rate,
    • top-notch security standards,
    • understanding of your customers’ payment habits.

    With that in mind, you will search for a perfect cashier. Yet, you will also remember, that your business is subjected to the chargeback risk, different levels of fraud from the clients’ side, and complexity of finding the acquiring bank.

    Respectively, the cashier has to solve all these problems effectively and timely. That’s why now it’s time to move to the cashier’s features that are advantageous for the high-risk industry.

    What are the cashier’s benefits for the high-risk companies?

    1. Cascading and smart routing

    So, we often talk about the transaction approval rate and conversion. These two factors are extremely important for any business. Yet, they might become a challenge for risky companies. To avoid this problem, the cashier system provides two working options – cascading and smart routing.

    Thus, if some party turns off the transactions, the cascading option ensures the decline cascading between multiple acquiring banks and providers. This move helps to increase conversion.

    Smart routing, in turn, helps to increase the conversion and lower the decline rate. To make this possible, merchants can customize transaction flow strategies. Respectively, the cashier will route the transaction to the best fitting payment provider. The system can choose the provider(s) based on the GEO preferences, transactions’ volume, risks, etc.

    2. Fraud prevention & chargeback disputing

    It’s crystal clear, that the higher the risk the more chargebacks the business can expect. Numerous illegal actions are no strangers as well. To prevent them and protect the merchant, the cashier system has to have state-of-the-art anti-fraud solutions.

    Anti-fraud is a fraud monitoring and prevention system. It traces each transaction in real-time by verifying it with the help of the hundreds of filters and parameters. In the end, the fraud prevention mechanism can detect any “unusual” transaction. That is possible in virtue of access to black and white lists, as well as the use of third-party anti-fraud software. Based on the result, the anti-fraud system can decline, approve, or flag the suspicious transaction.

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    Chargeback disputing stands for assistance in chargeback-related questions. It’s an additional option you can get in addition to fraud & chargeback prevention services. Respectively, the cashier team will assist with the chargeback dispute management. So, you don’t have to worry about understanding what the chargeback reason code means, how to dispute it, or how to start the arbitration.

    3. Monitor billing by every available solution or MID

    As we have mentioned before, with cashier one integration equals multiple integrations. And this is an awesome option to have. Anyhow, 99% of you will need more than two integrations. Accordingly, there is a variety of solutions you need to monitor. That’s why it’s essential to have a transparent and understandable managing panel (environment).

    The cashier system usually provides consolidated figures and graphs on the main page to see the common picture. Nonetheless, it’s vital to have detailed billing reports to monitor every solution or MID the best way possible.

    4. Fast switches between MIDs

    In a constantly changing processing environment, an ability to fastly adjust to new conditions is vital. Accordingly, the option of speedy adaptability is crucial for many high-risk merchants especially forex. That’s why with the cashier if one solution is intercepted and the country gets “closed,” you won’t get hurt.

    Thus, the cashier system will suggest new MIDs, to ensure the payment processing continuity.


    To make our business work we strive to find the best solutions possible. That, in turn, makes us find new and more advanced options. And the cashier is definitely among them. Once again, the main benefit it can offer to you is a variety of integrations at once. With this option, you can optimize your spendings and make payment processing more smooth and efficient.

    Moreover, to ensure stability for the high-risk merchants, the cashier fine-tunes the payments’ flow across providers/MIDs. In order to safeguard businesses from suspicious activity, the cashier is armored with the top-notch anti-fraud tools and chargeback prevention software.

    So, if you are open to the alternative ways of getting your transactions processed, consider the cashier. You can count on our assistance with any questions regarding integration and our choice of integrations.


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