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Top Payment Conferences in 2021 What you Must Visit

Top Payment Conferences in 2021 What you Must Visit
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    Participation in industry conferences is a business trend that has not grown from scratch. At the same time, conferences and exhibitions are an invaluable source of relevant knowledge and a platform for targeted acquaintances in the business environment. Major events gather together hundreds and thousands of advertisers, specialised professionals, and service companies, providing them with the best conditions for establishing partnerships in an informal setting.

    Why attend Payment Conferences in 2021?

    No entrepreneur can know the market 100%. If you don’t follow what is happening in the industry, you can fly out of the race at the first corner. To stay up to date and maintain a circle of acquaintances, it is worth attending specialised conferences.

    The conference is not only an intensive lecture, but also an opportunity to meet those who have long been interesting to you. It is better to make appointments in advance through the official event application. Carefully study the list of speakers and participants, choose the most useful ones specifically for your business, and agree to communicate in person.

    Why go to business events:

    • To expand the range of useful connections. A thematic event always acts as a favourable environment for meeting potential business partners and like-minded people. The fact that you have chosen one event speaks of common interest, which is a necessary condition for a constructive dialogue.
    • To determine new areas of activity and prospects. Someone’s presentation or reasoning can be the starting point for your plan to start your own business.
    • For extra motivation. Communicating with like-minded people in an informal setting contributes to the formation of positive thinking and self-confidence.
    • To create joint projects.

    Top Payment Conferences in 2021 what you Must Visit

    Israel Mobile Summit

    Israel Mobile Summit 2021 is one of the most outstanding mobile apps/games / ad-tech events in the EMEA region and the most populous international mobile technology event in Israel.

    There will be presentations from leading speakers from the best international publishers, discussions on hot mobile issues, an innovation exhibition, and competition for the most popular Israeli mobile apps, games, and startups, as well as many networking opportunities!

    Date: 02/09/21

    Location: Israel

    Type: Offline


    SiGMA ’21 is an international conference that unites the industry elite and leading companies from worldwide. SiGMA has built a powerful brand with a global influence that can drive the most extensive deals in the online gaming industry through its focus on quality and years of experience.

    SiGMA’21 is expected to feature over 400 sponsors and exhibitors, 200 top lecturers, and record attendance of over 12,000 attendees from over 80 countries. The SiGMA events calendar presents the organisation of numerous local as well as international conferences under the SiGMA Roadshow sign throughout the year.

    The SiGMA’21 event will once again host the SiGMA Pitch Special Event, providing an opportunity for innovative and young startups to get exposure on the show floor and exclusive invitations to meet to create business connections, potential funding opportunities, and exchange experiences with industry veterans.

    Date: 2021

    Location: Malta

    Type: Offline

    Management Reporting and Decision Making

    International Management Reporting and Decision Making Conference on Management Reporting and Decision Making are essential experiences for all managers and specialists. Efficient decision-making depends on the availability of both well-presented information (whether in the form of a written statement or an oral performance) and the capability to analyse and evaluate this information, and check the quality of the conclusions reached.

    Likewise, effective management accountability requires a comprehension of the decision-making process so that decision-makers’ demands can be adequately met with all applicable information displayed in a clear, brief, and accurate manner.

    Objectives of the conference:

    • develop your management accounting skills to improve the quality of decision-making in their organisations.
    • improve your decision-making skills and apply both structured and creative strategies to decision making.
    • increase the capability to distinguish information demands, evaluate and examine the accuracy of information and suggestions offered to them.

    Date: 02/07/21

    Location: BMC Training and Development

    Type: Offline

    International Private Label & OEM Trade Show Japan

    The International Private Label & OEM Trade Show Japan will provide foreign suppliers with an exceptional possibility to find reliable business partners and enter Japan and Asia’s markets. Japan is known to be one of the most lucrative private label (PL) markets in the Asian region.

    The main sections of the exposition are food products and drinks, non-food products, development of private brands and production support, consultations, testing equipment, licensing. In parallel, a seminar will be held on the sale of customer goods and original products – Private label & OEM Products.

    At the same time, the following events will take place: HCJ Hospitality Exhibition, which brings together three specialised exhibitions, and the content marketing exhibition, Inbound Market EXPO. Exhibition of hotel and restaurant industry HoteRes Japan, the catering industry’s exhibition and F&B – food and beverage CaterEx Japan, the presentation of professional food supplies for the catering sector Japan Food Service Equipment Show.

    Date: 16.02.21

    Location: International Private Label & OEM Trade Show Japan

    Type: Offline

    International Conference Financial Accounting and Reporting

    The International Conference Financial Accounting and Reporting will cover important topics of financial accounting and how they are compiled in financial reporting, proper accounting for assets, liabilities, income, and expenses. The issues of preparing financial statements with the necessary notes and disclosures in periodic financial statements to recognise the need for transparency in reporting will also be discussed.

    Date: 02/14/21

    Location: BMC Training and Development Exhibition Center

    Type: Offline

    Business Franchise Mediterranee

    The Business Franchise Mediterranee is the largest trade event. The exhibition provides an opportunity for exhibitors and visitors to meet potential partners from all over the world in one place. Thanks to the Marseille Chamber of Commerce’s continued support, TopFranchise has achieved a high level and immense popularity over the past four years.

    It is the only event that allows hundreds of women and men to realize their dream of starting a business every year. Non brings together dozens of stores that provide their concepts and offer visitors a real solution to transform, create or grow their franchise business. Top Franchise Méditerranée facilitates contact and an atmosphere for exchange and communication. The exhibition is exciting and unique.

    Type: Offline

    Date: 2021

    Location: Unannounced

    ICBMSI Conference

    The ICBMSI International Conference on Business Management and Social Innovation is a prestigious event designed to provide an outstanding international platform for academics, researchers, technicians, industry shareholders, and striving students worldwide to experience their research findings with experts worldwide.

    Date: February 2021

    Location: Village Hotel Changi Exhibition Center, Singapore

    Type: Offline

    OR Business Management Conference 2021

    OR Business Management Conference 2021 takes place from September 26 to September 29 in San Diego, USA. You can see how to get to the conference venue on the official site of the congress. The OR Business Management Conference 2021 business program may include several streams or sections and is posted on the event website with a detailed list of talkers. The talkers of the OR Business Management Conference 2021 are usually finalised 1-2 months prior to the conference.

    Nordic Business Forum

    The Most Powerful Women community was founded 18 years ago and has since become one of the globe’s most potent leadership movements, bringing together outstanding women from the worlds of business, politics, education, and the arts. This year, at the summit, guests will find the stories of success and motivating cases from participants who hold key positions in major international companies, including General Motors, IBM, Airbnb, Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike, PayPal.

    One of the largest business seminars in Europe promises all attendees “two inspiring days with the brightest minds of our time”. This year’s speakers at the forum will include Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, entrepreneur and best-selling author Nick Vuychich, actor and philanthropist Will Smith, and others. The program includes presentations on the prospects for competitiveness, the sharing economy, climate change, as well as responsibility, goals, and leadership.

    Date: 10/2-3/21

    Location: Helsinki, Finland

    Type: Offline

    eCom21- VIII International e-Commerce conference

    This event offers a unique discussion platform on topics related to e-commerce, as well as ample opportunities for international networking. Hundreds of participants from the Baltic States, Central, Eastern, and Western Europe, the CIS countries, Asia, and other regions of the world gather annually, including top-level business representatives, as well as other key players in the field of e-commerce.

    The format of the conference, the practical orientation of the meetings, and discussions provide ample opportunities for active and fruitful communication, new acquaintances, and useful business contacts.

    The principal focus of this year’s ECOM21 is expected technology development: AI, e-commerce, start-up, and FinTech business specialists will share their experience and wisdom. ECOM21has already collected 2850 participants from 54 various countries over the past seven years.

    Date: 18/03/2021

    Location: Riga Latvia

    Type: Offline


    The described business events will be exciting and useful for both novice entrepreneurs and recognised leaders in their industry. Thematic expositions and b2b conferences with leading industry experts’ participation keep members updated on the latest news and market trends.

    Payment Conferences are an exceptional way to spend time with a benefit, show yourself and meet colleagues, make new acquaintances, and possibly get some insights and suggestions that will move your business forward.

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