Payment Gateway for Cryptocurrency Exchange - How to Do it Right


Payment gateway for cryptocurrency exchange - how to do it right

Payment gateway for cryptocurrency exchange - how to do it right
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    As cryptocurrencies gain more and more popularity over the years, the rising number of both individuals and companies are getting involved. These alternative currencies quickly become an integral part of our lives. Yet, everybody chooses to use them differently.

    Some stop their activities at only buying stuff for crypto and, respectively, offering cryptocurrencies as a payment method. Others tend to earn money on their exchange rate difference. Of course, exchange activities hold more risks. Yet, there are companies ready to serve such ambitions. Their names are cryptocurrency exchanges.

    In this article, we are going to talk about crypto trading. It will include the generalized procedures the trader goes through. So, this is the point to keep an eye on if you only start a crypto exchange company. Also, we will cover a payment gateway search to fulfill the company’s needs.

    What are the crypto trading basics?

    This part is brought to you from the individual’s point of view, to give a better understanding of what instruments you need to provide the traders with.

    The first steps in trading and choosing strategies

    The first thing the trader wants to do is to log in to the existing account or to create the new one.

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    Creating a new account will involve adding the user’s information and some variations of captcha. Often, there is an additional security step in the form of 2FA. 2FA (or two-factor authentication) involves an additional safety step that might be a security question or OTP.

    Also, traders may wish to have a choice of two options – CRYPTO/CRYPTO or CRYPTO/FIAT trading. Despite the option the trader chooses, one needs to check its availability. As a site owner, make sure to display this information. The traders should find and access it easily. Here’s an example, how you can show you are letting traders purchase cryptocurrency for credit cards.

    cryptocurrency exchange company

    The next option is trading in regard to period. There are, basically, two main options – long- and short-term trading.

    • Long-term trading. In this case, traders buy one cryptocurrency and keep it for weeks or even years. This usually happens when the trader believes in the cryptocurrency and its growth in the future. Undoubtedly, s/he needs to keep an eye on the currency over a long period to predict the trends. This trading style is less stressful than the short-term one.
    • Short-term trading. These crypto-traders can benefit from the short-term volatility of cryptocurrencies. This style is riskier compared to the long-term one. Thus, the returns the trader can get are much faster and potentially bigger. Those who are ready & educated enough for this active (and stressful) trading type, can get the value from the cryptocurrencies’ price rise and drop.

    How do people start trading?

    So, we’ve mentioned that the trader chooses the cryptocurrency exchange company and creates the account. Then it’s essential to understand that traders require two accounts – Main Account and Trading Account. The Main Account stands for transmitting the funds in and out. The trading itself happens from the Trading Account. Of course, don’t forget how you can deposit the money to the Main Account. The options may include wire transfer, credit card, bank account, etc.

    When it comes to the cryptocurrency trading:

    1. The trader deposits his/her Main Account via the payment methods the crypto exchange company offers.
    2. To start trading, the trader needs to transfer funds from the Main Account to the Trading Account.
    3. Then it’s time to exchange the cryptocurrency. On the dedicated page, the trader chooses the trading pair.
    4. Then one chooses the trade type. There might be the limit, market, and stop market types.
    5. Afterward, it’s time to make the trade. The trader can trade all available assets or its part.
    6. If the trader sells the full amount, the initial cryptocurrency turns to zero in the Trading Account. The purchased crypto replaces it.

    After the trader performs this operation and gets the new cryptocurrency, we advise to transfer it to his/her crypto-wallet.

    This finalizes the generalized procedure the traders go through. If you are planning to run a cryptocurrency exchange, make sure your website complies with all requirements, it’s intuitive and transparent.

    cryptocurrency exchange merchant account

    How do you find a payment gateway for the cryptocurrency exchange?

    When it comes to finding a proper payment gateway, its quality depends exactly on the features you need. Decide, what depositing and withdrawing options you’d like to offer. Think of GEOs you’d like to cover.

    Mostly, cryptocurrency exchange companies employ payment processor’s services to integrate the payment gateway. With its help, the crypto exchange business allows traders to buy cryptocurrencies with the credit card. That’s why you, as a merchant, look for the following payment processor’s features:

    • The payment processor caters to cryptocurrency exchange needs. It’s vital because not all processors provide merchant accounts for this business type.
    • The processing company offers business-specific features. For instance, various payment methods (wire or credit cards).
    • You get a highly secured payment gateway. Thus, you need to make sure the company you choose is PCI DSS compliant and uses top-notch anti-fraud software.
    • The payment processor ensures high conversion. Usually, this feature fulfills if the processor has a smart routing option.

    Also, when you find the processing company that fits your needs the most, decide what integration type to choose. Mainly, there are two options.

    • API. That means the traders key in the card data and purchase crypto on your domain (website).
    • HPP. In this case, the traders key in the card data in the payment processors’ domain and purchase crypto on your domain (website).

    For instance, to show you more details for the payment gateway search, let us put you through the quick guide.

    1) You can start the search from googling something like crypto(currency) exchange payment gateway. Then click on the website that offers this option.

    crypto exchange agency

    2) Then you can find more about the solutions the payment processor provides for your business type and submit the application.

    cryptocurrency exchange

    For example, we, at Ikajo, willingly cater to the needs of the cryptocurrency exchanges that are the registered European businesses. After the payment processor receives the application, the negotiations start. As soon as you complete all the procedures involved, you’ll get an up and running payment gateway.


    As the cryptocurrency number and market grows, an increasing need for cryptocurrency exchanges is understandable. Only a decade ago, we heard only about stock trading. Nowadays, people make money on the cryptocurrencies’ price rise and drop.

    So, trading today involves professionals as well as cryptocurrency enthusiasts. That’s why business owners need to offer a safe and intuitive platform to trade crypto. Also, an option to buy crypto with a credit card drastically enlarges the audience of the exchanger.

    As usual, Ikajo International is here to answer any payment-related questions and help you with processing.

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