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Full Guide for Stripe Fees

Full Guide for Stripe Fees
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    Stripe is a popular payment processor that offers competitive prices and high-quality services. Today we’ll review the price tags and the main factors that make this processor stand out from the rest.

    You may think that it’s less recognised than PayPal, but you have probably used Stripe without knowing about it. Stripe works with some major companies like Google, Lyft, etc. It’s a respected platform, because it is dedicated to delivering high-quality services. So, to get a better image of this payment processor, let’s go over the fees and products the company offers. We’ll also review Stripe ACH prices, international fees, and other products.

    An introduction to Stripe pricing policy

    To put it simply, Stripe is a third-party payment processor that delivers a variety of services for merchants. While the pricing differs based on several factors, the fees are transparent and easy to comprehend. Today, we’ll review all details for your convenience.

    The company is a perfect solution for small companies that wish to begin accepting more payment options. Big companies also choose this processor due to its numerous benefits and superb-quality services. A merchant can get an account with the offered prices or get a customised offer from the company’s managers. The latter is suitable for owners of big businesses.

    Stripe fees

    One of the peculiarities of working with Stripe is that a company charges equal prices for different cards. You can process anything from Visa or American Express to digital wallets. Every successful online transaction costs 2.9% + $0.30. Every successful in-person credit card transaction costs 2.7% + $0.05. Merchants who require additional services must pay extra for them.

    Differences between transaction costs

    Stripe fees are precisely described so that merchants know the precise sum of payment when it’s time to pay. There are no hidden fees or monthly payments. Yet, one must realise the price tag for the services differs based on the type of payments a merchant wishes to accept. Fees for online and in-person processing are always described separately as they have differences.

    Online transactions peculiarities

    A merchant must pay 2.9% + $0.30 from each online transaction. In this case, a client can receive an in-app or mobile web payment. The cost is the same for every successful transaction. Customers may opt to pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, etc. The processor’s rates are the same for all cards.

    This price tag also includes 3D secure authentication. This tool minimises credit card fraud. Merchants with custom pricing from Stripe will have to pay $0.03 per charge.

    Besides, all merchants who use Stripe (except the custom pricing ones) will receive a Card Account Updater included in the charge. This feature automatically updates the card information for all merchants’ clients. In the case you receive a personalised price from the company, this feature will cost additionally $0.25 per update.

    In-person payments peculiarities

    Merchants can use the Square terminals to process in-person charges. In this case, each successfully completed charge will cost 2.7% + $0.05. Additionally, they require specific card readers. Besides, one must make sure that the device has cloud-based technologies. Their cost varies from $59 to $299.

    International fees

    Stripe also stands out by processing international payments. This solution may expand your company to a worldwide level and enjoy convenient services offered by Stripe. The company processes cards issued abroad for 1%. Currency converter costs another 1% a merchant pays additionally.

    ACH prices

    Service Cost
    Direct deposit 0.8% / transaction ($5 max)
    Credit payment $1 / transaction
    Credit payment in an outstanding invoice $7
    Bank account verification Free
    Failed direct deposit $4
    Disputed direct debit payment $15

    Other services & prices

    Stripe doesn’t have a monthly payment, but offers SaaS services for a monthly payment. Merchants may get Stripe Connect. It’s an integration for numerous platforms that comes in three options: Standard, Express, and Custom. While Standard is free, the other two are premium ones.

    1. Standard has many tools and is free to Stripe users;
    2. Express has Standard features + additional ones for $2 / active user + $0.25 per payout;
    3. Custom is suitable for white-label payments and costs $2 per active user + $0.25 per payout. Keep in mind that this account doesn’t include everything from the previous options.

    All the prices above are per month. Consult the managers in case you’ve got any additional questions.

    Free features mentioned above range from risk monitoring to auto-updates for new compliance requirements. You may get the full list of free services on the official website.

    In addition to those fees, Stripe delivers some other services that could be suitable for small companies. For instance, Stripe Billing integration. This product comes in two versions and can come in handy for companies with recurring revenue growth. Both versions come with one-off billing.

    • Starter – 0.5% on recurring charges and $7 per invoice on invoice auto-reconciliation.
    • Scale – starts at 0.8% on recurring charges. This version has free invoice auto-reconciliation. Moreover, it includes the Salesforce app, Stripe Connector for NetSuite, and Stripe Sigma.

    Benefits of choosing this payment processor

    Stripe is an appealing company for merchants who wish to receive online payments and expand their companies. The processor stands out by offering each client numerous advantages, namely:

    • Transparent pricing;
    • The absence of monthly payments;
    • Reliable and safe payment system;
    • Works with various currencies;
    • 24/7 online chat & phone support;
    • Mobile dashboard apps.

    Every merchant might find something that works for them. Besides, business owners who have big volume sales can reach out to the company’s managers to get customised prices.

    Efficient customer support is always ready to assist with any occurring questions and offer the best solutions for each business. Managers account for your business needs and deliver suitable products at affordable prices.

    Finally, the company is completely safe to use. It is SSL protected, which means that both merchant and customers’ information is secure through the payment process. Stripe is PCI compliant and uses encryption technology for all credit and debit card numbers.


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