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Common Gambling Payment Trends in 2021

Common Gambling Payment Trends in 2021
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    Gambling is one of the fastest-growing markets with a multi-billion dollar turnover. Even more so now that these activities dominate the digital world and are available on the Internet and mobile devices, profits are skyrocketing.

    According to experts, the online gambling market will reach $ 950 billion in 2021.

    Recent events in the gaming world 

    Recently, an online conference was held in Europe dedicated to the development of the gambling industry.

    The experts concluded that online gambling platforms will actively develop in the next few years. But land-based establishments will lose their relevance. But this is only until the risk of coronavirus infection decreases. When the epidemiological situation in the world stabilizes, then life will gradually return to its former course, and gamblers will go to gambling clubs without fear.

    Already, large companies are trying to master the online space and form an audience. The growing competition encourages operators to use various marketing tools. Among them are the following: 

    • Expansion of virtual halls. Operators are expanding the range of slots and introducing new games. For example, live games are popular, in which a live dealer controls the process through a camera. The gambler gets the impression that he is in a gambling club, and not at home.
    • Increase in the number of tournaments. Such competitions increase the activity of players and stimulate them to place bets.
    • Improved bonus policy. 

    Gambling industry trends

    Many countries are now softening their online gambling policies and conditions. In the next four years, the share of white online casinos will only grow. Most of the earnings from gambling lovers come from European countries – 52%. Asia is in second place, followed by the United States and South American countries.

    If you, as a merchant, want to stay behind your competitors, you need to not only work with reliable providers of payment solutions but also understand the trends in the gambling business in 2021.


    Crypto is already a popular method of payment in online casinos: players can instantly deposit/withdraw funds to their personal gaming account without identification. For some clients, anonymity and complete independence from the state play a primary role when choosing a casino, so the number of online gambling establishments with support for bitcoin transactions will continue to grow. 

    Instant withdrawal of funds

    The reputation of gambling companies plays an important role in its development. Since the sphere is connected with a constant cash flow, the ability to withdraw money using a convenient method will be a significant plus for the company. Also, the online gambling industry covers all countries and continents, which means different time zones. It would be comfortable for players to be able to withdraw funds at any time.

    In addition to withdrawal, payment gateways should provide players with a convenient payment method to replenish their game balance. While credit card payments are by far the most popular payment method, alternative payment methods are also popular.

    Branded video slots

    Naturally, they are of great interest to players, because these online games are of high quality and captivating storyline. Video slots based on popular TV series and comics, legendary films, and books will naturally be in high demand. 

    VR / AR – casino

    Virtual reality has long entered our lives, and online casinos do not stand aside from progress. In the next 2-3 years, most online establishments will adopt VR / AR and will offer customers games with the ability to fully immerse themselves in the virtual world. This will ensure the growth of the flow of new users and the opportunity to capture a new niche. 

    Online applications

    Mobile traffic is gradually replacing desktop traffic – this is a fact. In the first six months of 2019, mobile casinos accounted for about 36% of the total volume of the gambling industry! And this trend will continue in 2020 and subsequent years. When choosing a payment gateway for gambling, be sure to find out how to adapt to all trends in the gambling industry. It will be a shame if you lose money due to an unreliable payment partner. 

    The bottom line

    Today we can witness the beginning of a complete transformation of the entire gaming business in the world after a long ten-year stagnation. How the industry will evolve now largely depends on regulators and what final model they choose.

    Naturally, merchants first of all need to provide players with high-quality platforms with a good user experience, but also do not forget about processing. Payment solution providers are responsible for an important part of the business – the organization of receiving and processing online transactions. The choice of a reliable partner will largely determine the further development of the business. 


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