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Do you have an antifraud system? How do you fight fraud and chargebacks?

The Ikajo platform has a number of parameters that can be used to set up a reliable antifraud system for a merchant.

Merchants can choose the package that will best meet the needs of their type of business:

Standard package
Standard package comprises card level restrictions (e.g. limit on number of attempts per day, limit on a number of purchases per day etc.), email level restrictions (e.g. limit on a number of sales per week, multiple cards payment attempts from the same email per week etc.) and IP level restrictions (e.g. IP blacklists, forbidden IPs and BINs etc.)

Premium package
Premium package comprises the standard package as well as services delivered by MaxMind and Sift Science systems.

While MaxMind is a service that analyzes, monitors, and sends fraud/chargeback alerts to dozens of other merchants enrolled in the network, Sift Science is here to make the most out of Artificial Intelligence for the payment processing fraud/chargeback prevention.

Also, our company offers you full customization of your fraud/chargeback prevention needs. So, feel free to contact us should you have more questions about that.

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