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SCHEDULE request

Registers a schedule for the regular SALE secondary transactions. Transactions are created by Payment Platform, based on data taken from primary transaction.
This request is sent by POST in the background (eg, through PHP CURL).

Request parameters

Parameter  Description Values Required field
action Register recurring schedule SCHEDULE +
client_key Unique client key (CLIENT_KEY) +
order_amount The amount of the transaction Numbers in the form XXXX.XX (without leading zeros)  


order_description Transaction description (product name) String up to 1024 characters +
recurring_first_trans_id Transaction ID of the primary transaction in the Payment Platform  


period Period in days to perform the payments Numbers in the form XXX +
init_period Delay in days before performing the first payment. If not provided, the first payment will be done as soon as possible. Numbers in the form XXX
times The number of times the payments will be done. Not provided or zero value means unlimited number of payments Numbers in the form XXX  


hash Special signature to validate your request to payment platform ** (Appendix A)  


Response parameters

Parameter  Description
result SUCCESS
status ENABLED
order_id Transaction ID of the primary transaction in the Client system
trans_id Transaction ID of the primary transaction in the Payment Platform

After processing each of scheduled RECURRING_SALE transactions, Payment Platform sends response to Client’s Callback URL:

Parameter Description
result SUCCESS
order_id Transaction ID in the Client’s system
trans_id Transaction ID in the Payment Platform
trans_date Transaction date in the Payment Platform
descriptor This is a string which the owner of the credit card will see in the statement from the bank.In most cases, this is the Customers support web-site.
auth_code Bank approval code
recurring_token Recurring token (get if account support recurring sales and was initialization transaction for following recurring)
hash Special signature, used to validate callback ** (Appendix A)


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