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Recurring payments commonly used to create new transactions based on already stored cardholder information from previous operations.

RECURRING_SALE request has same logic as SALE request, the only difference is that you need to provide primary transaction id, and this request will create a secondary transaction with previously used cardholder data from primary transaction.

This request is sent by POST in the background (eg, through PHP CURL).

Request parameters

Parameter  Description Values Required field
action Recurring sale RECURRING_SALE +
async Asynchronous or synchronous mode Y or N (default N)
client_key Unique client key (CLIENT_KEY) +
order_id Transaction ID in the clients system String up to 255 characters +
order_amount The amount of the transaction Numbers in the form XXXX.XX (without leading zeros) +
order_description Transaction description (product name) String up to 1024 characters +
recurring_first_trans_id Transaction ID of the primary transaction in the Payment Platform +
recurring_token Value obtained during the primary transaction +
auth Indicates that transaction must be only authenticated, but not captured Y or N (default N)
hash Special signature to validate your request to payment platform * (Appendix A) +

Response parameters

Response from Payment Platform is the same as by SALE command.

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