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Client registration

Before you get an account to access Payment Platform, you must provide the following data to the Payment Platform administrator.

IP list List of  your IP addresses, from which requests to Payment Platform will be sent.
Callback URL URL which will be receiving the notifications of the processing results of your request to Payment Platform.
Contact email Client’s contact email

Note: Callback URL is mandatory if you work in asynchronous mode, or if your account supports 3D-Secure. The length of Callback URL shouldn’t be more than 255 symbols.

With all Payment Platform POST requests at Callback URL the Client must return the string “OK” if he successfully received data or return “ERROR”.

You should get the following information from administrator to begin working with the Payment Platform.

CLIENT_KEY Unique key to identify the account in Payment Platform (used as request parameter)
CLIENT_PASS Password for Client authentication in Payment Platform (used for calculating hash parameter)
PAYMENT_URL URL to request the Payment Platform
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