Brief description of the interaction with Payment Platform

  1. For the transaction, you must send the server to server HTTPS POST request with fields listed below to PaymentPlatform URL (PAYMENT_URL). In response Payment Platform will return the JSON (http://json.org/) encoded string.
  2. If your account supports 3D-Secure and credit card supports 3D-Secure, then Payment Platform will return the link to the 3D-Secure Access Control Server to perform 3D-Secure verification. In this case, you need to redirect the card-holder at this link. If there are also some parameters except the link in the result, you will need to redirect the cardholder at this link together with the parameters using the method of data transmitting indicated in the same result.
  3. In the case of 3D-Secure after verification on the side of the 3D-Secure server, the owner of a credit card will come back to your site using the link you specify in the sale request, and Payment Platform will return the result of transaction processing to the Callback URL action.
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