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Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal for Credit Card International Processing

A virtual terminal for credit card processing makes payment processing easier. There are few barriers to users of this payment processing method as well. That is because no new devices are necessary. Additionally, no extra costs are necessary to set up these terminals. That is because the computer itself acts as the terminal.

The only other thing that is necessary is a software. Sage virtual terminals offers a rich virtual terminal credit card processing environment. This system offers a wide range of benefits to the users. Here are some benefits to using this virtual terminal for credit card processing.

What is a Virtual Terminal (VT)

Virtual Terminals for Credit Card Processing

A virtual terminal is ideal for international credit card processing. That is because they process payments fast. Receipts are also sent to customers in real time. Such receipts are also customized to each customer.

You will also know when a payment occurs. Payment confirmations happen in an instant. With these terminals you can run your business right from your computer. Transparency is also increased. This is something more customers would like when making credit card payment solutions.

An International Virtual Terminal

One of the major benefits of a virtual payment terminal is that it makes remote billing very easy. The payment protocol works everywhere. First of all, you set up a terminal on your computer. Then you can roll it out to other locations where your business operates. This includes overseas locations. You can even use your phone, and tablet as well.

This is what makes this payment processing mode international. Employees from around the world can use the same terminal to accept and process payments. All they need is computer with the same software.

Reliable network virtual terminal services make payment monitoring easy. It does not matter how many terminals there are. Besides, getting real-time analysis on how the payments are going is pretty straightforward.

Reliable Virtual Terminal Protocols

A good terminal should keep client information secure at all times. This should not be a challenge because you are using the computer as a terminal. The terminals offer secure processing of credit card information. This process is also much faster when using these terminals. So, using these terminals ensures superior customer service is available through your business.

The terminals can remember credit card details of the customers. For this reason, such customers can avoid extra costs in future. That is because the computer keeps such data on file. So, processing later payments is much easier in future.

Additionally, they can handle both keyed-in and swiped transactions. For keyed-in transactions, you enter the credit card details yourself. For swiped transactions, you swipe the credit card to process the customer’s payment. Granted, with these terminals, keyed-in transactions are more common. Their manual nature makes them more susceptible to errors.

This should not be a major concern when using the terminals. Credit card networks have stringent measures in place for this purpose. These interventions ensure fraud and risk of error is not low when using these systems. So, users of these systems do not need to worry too much about the security of these systems. That is because the terminals already have reliable security measures in place.

Details necessary for keyed-in transactions.

  1. Payment amount
  2. Credit card number
  3. Card expiration date
  4. CVV (3 or 4-digit security code at the back of the card)
  5. Billing zip code


Generally, a virtual terminal is a web-based version of a physical credit card terminal or POS. Thanks to these systems, businesses can process credit card payments faster. The process takes a few seconds. In other words, accepting online payments is very easy and reliable. International payments become a lot easier as well.

So, this payment processing method is convenient. Small business have a lot to gain from using virtual payment processing. This terminal needs two things – a computer and a virtual terminal software. Still, businesses of all sizes can use virtual payment terminals. That is because these systems are scalable. So, they can process international payments from several locations. Additionally, they offer real-time analytics for monitoring purposes.

The terminals are quite versatile as well. For one thing, they allow the processing of face-to-face payments. Support for electronic remote payments is also available. These terminals are also very secure. Other benefits include cost-effectiveness and easier processing of recurrent payments.

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