Credit cards starting at 1.2%


4 international offices

Rates starting at 1,2%

Ikajo International global acquiring network offers flexible solutions to Forex brokers from all over the globe.

130+ countries we operate in

Rates starting at 3,3%

With cryptocurrency merchants gaining their momentum, Ikajo International provides them with an excellent sustainable growth foundation.

Rates starting at 2,5%

Ikajo International has an extensive experience in facilitating hybrid payment models suitable for cross-platform merchants.

Rates starting at 0,7%

Ikajo International offers online retail merchants alternative payment methods in major markets.

Rates starting at 2,7%

Ikajo International develops tailor-made payment solutions for data-hosting companies aiming to expand their global presence.

Rates starting at 0,7%

Ikajo International provides global solutions to meet the needs of gaming merchants looking for a multi-platform payment infrastructure.

Acquiring network

14+ years of experience

EU banks

14 000+ projects

Chinese banks

4 international offices

CIS-based banks

130+ countries we operate in


About Ikajo

Fraud & Chargeback

Ikajo International holistic cross transaction and cross payment fraud protection tools, enable online merchants to detect and stop fraudulent activities.

Ikajo International Payment Gateway

About Ikajo

Within the last 15 years Ikajo has established its expertise
in the payment processing industry in terms of security
and simplicity of the process. Its payment gateway is also
a backbone to numerous external payment service
providers and ISOs.

Up to 91% of disputes resolved in merchant's favor

We have a solution to cut your chargeback ratio. With our world-class dispute management, merchants will see up to 91% disputes resolved in their favor.

Payment methods

Ikajo International offers solutions for all major credit cards & alternative payment methods

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