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What is Zimpler?

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Zimpler is a Swedish payment system. It was founded in 2012 in Gothenburg. The company has started at a small capacity in the tiny office. Nevertheless, a few months later the team has signed the first contract to continue developing the payment solution.

Basically, Zimpler serves as an e-wallet. It allows customers to make easy pay-ins and pay-outs. The mobile wallet gives its owners full control over the funds. Zimpler combines the best practices of online banking – it allows to keep the cards all in one place and make payments online. Also, Zimpler allows users to withdraw money to their bank accounts.

What are Zimpler benefits?

Zimpler is one of the most customer-oriented players on the market. The m-wallet keeps track of all spendings the customer makes. From bettings to tips or purchases in the online stores, the app will count every financial operation the user makes.

Moreover, users can plan the monthly budget. That helps to understand how much the person is spending. Should the customer step over the limit, the Zimpler’s team will even make a call to check if everything is fine. As Zimpler’s aim is customer’s financial well-being, they work extra mile to ensure wide financial control & planning opportunities.

Besides, Zimpler works extra hard to provide both customers and merchants with top-notch security.

How to use Zimpler

To use Zimpler, customers have to create an account. To do this, they have to press “Sign Up” on the website. Then the user needs to type the personal identity number and confirm it with the bank ID.

As the customer accesses the application, it’s possible to attach the credit card of your choice, keep track of spendings, and spend money online. So, the client gets access to banking services without a need to fill in all the card data each time s/he pays for goods/services. To pay, the customer enters the phone number and then confirms the purchase with the one-time code.

As we mentioned before, customers can control their budget with the help of Zimpler. Thus, they can remove, lower or increase the budget limit. To make any changes, the account should have a zero balance. During the depositing the funds for the next time, customers can change the budget bar.

Why you should provide Zimpler

Though Zimpler works in Sweden and Finland for now, it already has over 112,000 users. Moreover, if you represent online gambling, gaming or cryptocurrency exchange companies, we recommend considering this payment method.

Zimpler’s team is aware of the risks these industries face and offers top-notch security protection.

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