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What is Sofort banking?

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SOFORT is a payment service company based in Germany that was founded in 2005 and offers services and high-qualified assistance for the secure transactions of physical and electronic goods over the Internet.

Sofort provides payments only in euros, but among the supported countries are Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.

Reliability and security

Sofort is widely used among users of online casinos. What may be a drawback is that if you want to withdraw money, it is impossible by using the service, only deposits are available.

The special department ensures the security of financial operations so you can no longer worry about such things.

The system monitors every transaction, and, besides, the cardholder can manage funds, being aware of the account status (a cardholder receives a notification ). It increases the cardholder’s loyalty when making payments for goods and services using the Sofort banking system.

Sofort pros and cons

The current payment system guarantees its customers the security of financial transactions and personal data insurance. To enter the system, you must use the PIN-code. If your customers prefer this method of payments to others, then the possibility of a comfortable visit to the sites of online stores is guaranteed – after all, transactions can be made instantly.

However, it should be emphasized that using Sofort Banking is only possible if the potential user has a bank account that supports the recommended payment system (primary European banks). Sofort management plans to expand its area of influence by collaborating with a large number of financial institutions. Even though the only available currency is the euro, this service is widely spread in European gambling services.

One of the competitive advantages of using Sofort payment system is that the customers do not have to create an account by registering in the payment service system. As mentioned above, it is possible to make transactions by choosing Sofort Banking if you have a replenished account in one of the partner banks. A positive point is also the absence of hidden payments, and all money transfers are without commission.

The bottom line

Indeed, the payment service still does not provides global coverage. However, for European residents to open an account with a bank that supports Sofort Banking, it is a convenient method to provide payments. On the other hand, it is uncomfortable to not have opportunities to withdraw the money received during the game process.

However, needless to say, that the system operates at a high speed of financial transactions what makes transactions to be processed almost instantly. Another fact is ensuring user safety, which is essential and relevant. A simple transaction algorithm is also able to increase cardholder’s loyalty.

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