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What is Skrill?

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Skrill is a payment system from the UK with headquarters in London. It was created in 2001. In 2015 Skrill became a part of the Paysafe Group. The Financial Conduct Authority regulates the activity of this payment company. Skrill’s main priority is money transfer. Yet, customers can make payments online.

Skrill owns a prepaid card as well as gives an opportunity to run an e-wallet. The prepaid card is available in four currencies GBP, EUR, USD, and PLN. On top of that, users can link a bank account to make payments online.

What are the benefits of Skrill?

Skrill names three main benefits it can offer to users. They are convenience, confidence, and instancy. The payment system is comfortable as it lets users easily send and receive money. Besides, the fact the user can link the bank account allows s/he to pay anytime and anywhere.

Confidence means customers don’t have to worry about security. Skrill uses the anti-fraud system to detect any suspicious activity and to prevent any type of data theft.

When it comes to the instance, customers can benefit from using an e-wallet to smoothly send and get money. They just need an email address to perform the action.

How to use Skrill

To start using Skrill, customers have to open an account. The account is free. As soon as the customer creates it, it is possible to employ the account as an e-wallet. It’ll hold all the payment data the client needs. There’s a choice of 40 currencies.

Making payments is easy, fast, and secure. All the data is stored in one place. Once paying for goods/services, the customer has to choose Skrill and type the email address and the password.

Also, the customer can transfer money between his or her Skrill account and online banking account. Then it becomes simple to withdraw money using the ATM.

Why you should offer Skrill

If you run a gambling or gaming-related website, we advise you taking Skrill into the consideration. Why so? Because Skrill provides a variety of special offers and bonuses to use on the online gambling platforms. Online casinos and poker rooms owners can also make use of Skrill.

You can top this list up with the crypto exchange website and some number of eCommerce stores.

Customers can use this payment method worldwide. The main priority is the EEA region, yet, Skrill is truly global. Mind, there is a non-serviced list where customers cannot access the solutions by Skrill.

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