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What is Redpagos?

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Redpagos is one of the most important national companies in terms of payments and withdrawals.

Nowadays, the company has a leading place in the Uruguay market. It is a company that concentrates on satisfying customers needs and permanent improvement. Their strategy is based on in-depth customer acknowledge, aiming to offer the best payment solution for everyone.

The company, since the establishment, has encompassed a broad audience, having offered the majority of citizens a reliable platform to provide online payments.

Thus, Redpagos has overcome competitors and captured the market of online payments offering a great number of solutions that are continuing to expand.

This expansion was possible because of four main aspects:

  1. Offering customer-centricity customer support.
  2. Technological development.
  3. Innovation.
  4. Permanent service improving.

Redpagos payment solutions

The assortment of Redpagos services is multiple, so as to meet various requirements, offering opportunities to process all transactions at the same place, optimizing everyone’s time.

The company spends a lot of resources to attract new solutions to offer merchants an improved platform for money gathering.

Aside from general services, Redpagos offers the next opportunities:

  • Remittances nationwide. At Redpagos, you can send money to anyone, anywhere in the country. The recipient accepts the transfer at the nearest point of issue of Redpagos. Fast, safe, convenient, and economical service.
  • Global ATM system. Service RedBrou.
  • Payments on liabilities, subsidies, and pensions.
  • Payment provision. At Redpagos, you can earn and receive money sent from anywhere in the world via the More Money Transfer and MoneyGram networks.
  • Utilities. At Redpagos, you can pay utility bills, telephone services, cable TV services, Internet services, credit card statements, payment of loan installments, general expenses, and any other services in general.
  • Issue of travel tickets.

Thanks to the support provided by the company, Redpagos strongly believes that its services are synonymous with security and trust.

These characteristics have been strengthened over time by the company’s management capabilities and responsiveness. Redpagos also demonstrates the enormous potential in the market to be a reliable company and deliver significant efforts to increase productivity, able to effectively and efficiently respond to problems, gaining the trust of an increasingly broad audience.

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