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What is Qiwi?

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Qiwi Wallet is an e-wallet, based on a Visa Prepaid Account. As for today, it encounters over 20.3 mln active consumer accounts. Thanks to Qiwi Wallet, consumers can securely pay over 10,000 merchants. 

Qiwi Wallet provides users with access to Visa products with universal acceptance and security. Moreover, the Qiwi account can be connected automatically to a virtual or physical prepaid card. It can then be used to make purchases at retailers that accept Visa worldwide. Af for today, QIWI is the best solution for merchants willing to penetrate Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. The payment method is not popular outside the areas mentioned above. 

Countries of QIWI payment method incorporation

Qiwi is one of the largest Russian e-wallets. When the brand (with its kiwi bird logo) was introduced to the audience in 2007, the company wasn’t a small start-up at all.

In fact, e-wallet was launched by the OSMP Group, the most significant Russian cash terminal network. The service’s major advantage lies in its full availability in offline and online worlds. Qiwi’s has 200,000 cash terminals operated by OSMP, its owner.

The core difference between Qiwi and other e-wallets is that Qiwi accounts can be accessed via both cash terminals and any smartphone.

Statistic on QIWI e-Wallet

Take a look at some statistics on Qiwi e-wallet:

  • Over 20 supported payment methods
  • 200,000 payment kiosks in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine
  • 20,000 + merchants
  • 7,600,000 active eWallet accounts (total of 47 million registered accounts)

QIWI shopper journey overview

Let’s take a look at how Qiwi functions once a merchant adds it as a payment method:

  • On the check-out page, the user selects the Qiwi payment method.
  • The user is redirected to the Qiwi payment page.
  • The user selects the payment option that he wants to use and enters his password to complete the payment.

QIWI maximum transaction volume

For payments in RUB, the maximum transaction limit is RUB 15,000. For payments in USD, it is the USD equivalent of RUB 15,000. Keep in mind that it is calculated according to the Qiwi’s exchange rate. 

How to integrate QIWI as a payment method on your website?

You, as a merchant need Qiwi e-wallet to reach out to Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakh audience. To add Qiwi as a payment method, you need to find either an acquiring bank or the PSP that offers Qiwi. At Ikajo, we can help you to accept Qiwi payments easily and hassle-free. 

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