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What is PayU?

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PayU is an international payment service provider that offers its services in more than 16 countries of Asia, Central and Western Europe, LATAM, Near East, and Africa. Being a part of a Naspers investment holding, PayU has extensive leverage of experience in dynamic developing markets. It makes possibilities to ensure a fast and effective payment process, as for merchants as for potential customers.

PayU payment methods

  • Plastic cards.
  • E-wallets.
  • Installments.
  • Bank transfers.
  • Cash.

PayU processes transactions every second, so we use modern security features that ensure the security of the service and user data. PayU anti-fraud system was created specifically for e-commerce and has more than 100 different filters, which allows you to analyze transactions and identify cases of fraud carefully. The accumulated experience and a long history of payments give us the opportunity to predict user behavior and apply protective measures in advance.

What demands PayU offers to merchants

General requirements

  1. Information about a merchant.
    1. Full company name.
    2. Single tax identification number.
    3. Legal and de facto address.
    4. Phone.
    5. E-mail.
  2. The full list of accepted payment methods with the payment system’s logos.
  3. An accurate description of goods and services, including full characteristics of offered services, consumer properties, equipment, warranty conditions, and price.
  4. Payment terms and conditions, refund policy, and payment abortion.
  5. Indicate the information in case of the impossibility of the payment abortion or refund.
  6. The conditions of delivery, as well as a list of settlements where transportation is provided, locally and globally.
  7. Restrictions on export activities (if any), clarifications on the procedure for the safe transfer of confidential information of cardholders used on the website of an online store.
  8. Security policy.
  9. If there is an online store, it should provide customers to monitor the order’s status.

Technical requirements

  1. The site mustn’t be located on free servers that provide hosting services.
  2. The website mustn’t contain incorrectly operating or broken pages.
  3. The site mustn’t contain links to non-existent resources
  4. All pages related to the disposal of goods or services on the website must be registered on the same domain name.
  5. Goods and services offered on the site must comply with those declared when connecting to the PayU service

Integration options

PayU supports integration with various CMS by connecting customizable modules. Among the acceptable systems are 1C Bitrix, woocommerce for WordPress, InSales, PrestaShop, OpenCart, PHP, CS-Cart, UMI, and others. And, of course, PayU has a full-scale API integration.

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