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What is a voucher-based payment?

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1. What is OXXO?

Originally, OXXO is a chain of supermarkets from Mexico. Now it numbers 13,000 locations throughout Latin America. The chain was founded in 1977.

What are the benefits of OXXO?

First of all, this payment system helps customers shop online. Also, it lets users who have no bank account to benefit from online purchasing as well. Also, this payment method ensures there is no fraud thanks to a specific payment procedure.

How to use OXXO

The customer makes purchases on the OXXO website. S/he chooses the OXXO payment checkout option. Then the shopper receives the voucher with the purchase amount and special payment reference.

The next step is printing the voucher and going to OXXO. Then the customer pays the voucher in cash in the closest OXXO location. After the seller receives the payments, it’s ready to ship the products to the customer.

2. What is Baloto?

Baloto, or Via Baloto in full, is a payment system from Colombia. Shoppers can use this payment method across 10,000 stores in Colombia.

What are the benefits of Baloto?

Like OXXO, Baloto opens access to online shopping for users who don’t own a bank account or credit card. That helps sellers acquire more potential shoppers with this payment method. Also, this payment method safeguards merchants from potential fraud. It’s possible in virtue of Baloto particularity, we are going to talk about.

How to use Baloto

As the customer shops, s/he picks Baloto as the payment method. Then the shopper receives a voucher with the payment amount and the reference. The customer prints the voucher and can pay it one of the 10,000 Baloto locations.

After the merchant gets the payment, it is possible to ship the purchase to the client. Thanks to this procedure the seller has a guarantee of receiving money for goods/services.

3. What is Rapipago?

Rapipago is a payment method from Argentina. It numbers over 6,000+ locations across Argentina.

What are Rapipago benefits?

Rapipago’s system helps customers without bank account access shopping via the Internet. That to say, there’s no need to use online banking services to buy products online. E-stores, offering Rapipago at the checkout, may enlarge their customer base.

How to use Rapipago

To use Rapipago, customers pick it at the checkout (the same as checkout with a credit card). After this, they need to fill in their data. Then they get a printable voucher. It is possible to pay it off in the around 6,000+ locations in Argentina.

4. What is Narvesen?

Narvesen is originally a Norvegian convenience store chain. It also provides a self-titled payment method. It is possible to make a payment via 370 brick-and-mortar stores across Norway.

What are the Narvesen benefits?

Narvesen lets customers who don’t own a credit card or have no bank account shop online. It safe for merchants as they ship the order after they receive the payment from the customer.

How to use Narvesen

The customer selects Narvesen as the payment method. Then the payment voucher (order) appears. It has information about the purchase and the total amount. The customer should print the voucher. It is possible to pay it off in any offline Narvesen location.

5. What is Efecty?

Efecty is a payment system from Colombia. It numbers 8,000 locations throughout the country.

What are Efecty benefits?

Efecty gives access to online shopping for customers without a bank account or credit card. It’s a great option for Colombia, as the number of shoppers owning the payment cards is relatively low. Thanks to this, stores can attract and retain more clients.

How to use Efecty

The shopper picks Efecty as a payment method at the checkout page. Then s/he gets the voucher with the payment reference. Then the customer should print the voucher and pay it off in one of the locations.

6. What is Maxima?

Maxima is a payment method that works in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. There are 450 locations across Lithuania accepting the payment method.

What are Maxima benefits?

Sellers can reach a wider audience by offering this payment system. Thus, customers without a bank account or credit card can still participate in online purchasing.

How to use Maxima

During the shopping process, customers pick Maxima as a payment solution. After, they can see the voucher with the payment reference. On the next step, shoppers print the voucher to later pay it off in one of the participating locations. After the seller receives the payment, he ships the order to the client.

7. What is PayPost?

PayPost is a payment solution from Lithuania. It works on a prepaid basis.

What are PayPost benefits?

PayPost lets users without a bank account or credit card to pay for goods/services online. And the sellers have a guarantee of receiving payment.

How to use PayPost?

To employ this payment method, the client picks it on the checkout page. Then s/he gets a voucher with the payment details and has to print it. After this, the client pays off the voucher in one of the available PayPost locations.

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